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Kai Klaas
02/16/18 05:56
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#190846 - In the good old days...
Responding to: James Hinnant's previous message
Many years ago I wrote all my '51 codes in assembler. Not because I wanted so, but because the projects were mixed analog digital and timing critical. I had to put the microcontroller into sleep mode during AD conversions and such things and found it a lot simpler to code it directly in assembler. It was fun and didn't take much time. Of course, you needed exactly to know what the registers, the stack and the interrupts do. But it was no problem. I wrote and tested my code piecewise and put everything together at the end. The code was allways running properly.

Some months ago I was involved in an development where a software guy was writing the code. It was a simple project but the software guy has got his hands full with endless C listings. He was endlessly hacking into his keyboard and starring onto his two big monitors. But somehow he had no time for thinking. Of course, the code didn't work and at the end he spent several days with debugging. It was funny, because at the beginning of the project the software guy made jokes about me and my antiquated assembler coding.

I'm a fan of the KISS principle. And this can mean to code in assembler, even today.


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