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James Hinnant
02/17/18 15:43
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Silicon Valley

#190849 - Oops - code library is broken
Responding to: James Hinnant's previous message
Oops, sorry ... the code library appears to be broken ... even files without spaces in the name return 404:
404 File Doesn't exist

HOWEVER ... managed to retrieve this file at the Wayback Machine, at

Wayback Machine snapshots of the file going back to Oct. 6, 2012, show the 404 response. The closest previous snapshot, Oct. 14, 2011, returns the .asm file.

It also works with files with spaces in the name, as long as you go back to 2011:

You'd need to add the extension manually once you download the this particular file (it's a zip file). The other file's link (CRC_16.asm) had the extension intact.

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