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Privacy Policy

NO PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTED WITHOUT USER CONSENT does not require the visitor to provide any personal information whatsoever. Our site does not attempt to obtain your name, email address, phone number, street address, or any other personal information through clandestine means such as the misuse of scripts, cookies, or any other technical means. Any personal information that obtains is provided by the user via standard HTML form and, thus, with the user's conscious consent.

PURPOSE OF BROWSER COOKIES uses browser cookies for the purpose of facilitating registered user login and some additional technical features that are impractical to implement on the server-side without cookies. This is the only purpose for which uses cookies.

Cookies are not used to assign a "unique ID" to the user for tracking how often they return, etc.

Cookies are required if you wish to login as a registered user. The website uses cookies to keep track of which user you are while you are logged on. It also uses persistent cookies to remember who you are so that when you return to the website you only need to enter your password. This persistent cookie may be removed by clicking on "Logoff completely."

THIRD PARTY "EMBEDDED" WEBSITES does not use any external website to render our webpages nor to determine browsing habits, etc. This means none of our webpages include embedded references to external sites that are automatically opened as a page is opened. The only links to external sites are standard HTML links which, when clicked, will take you to the external site.

STATISTICAL INFORMATION COLLECTED does maintain a webserver log file for a period not to exceed 30 days which contains the IP address, date/time, referal site, and browser type of every HTTP request. This information is used to obtain statistical information to determine from what countries (and thus what native languages) our visitors are coming from, what type of browsers they are using to improve the quality of our site, and which webpages are the most popular to provide content that is interesting to the greatest number of visitors.

This log file is purged at the end of every month after compiling a summary report with the above statistis for the previous month. The summary reports based on the log file are kept for reference and may be provided to our sponsors (banner advertisers). However, these summary reports contain absolutely no personal information--they only contain statistical summaries such as a summary of hits by country, date, time, page visited, and referal site. Under no circumstance does this summary report contain any personal information about our visitors.

The specific information contained in the webserver log is not released to any third party unless so ordered by a legitimate government agency or in the event of abuse or fraud perpetrated against


If a user wishes to post a message on the public message forums, the user will be required to subscribe as a member of the site. This is free and does require the user to provide his real full name and email address. The poster's real name will be made public to those reading the message forum in order to promote a professional exchange of ideas. The email address will not be revealed to the public unless the member specifically authorizes the address to be shared.

Additionally, the IP address from which every post was written is always saved with the message and this is not optional. The IP address is NOT publically available. The IP address is saved for moderator use only in the event that a message contains illegal material and may be provided to government agencies upon request, or in order to investigate abuses of the message forum and report such abuses to the appropriate ISP.


Users may choose to sign-up with and become an Registered Member. This option is free but the website will ask for your email address and real full name, both of which are required.

The information requested when a user applies to become an Registered Member is not given or sold to any third parties, except by legitimate request by a governmental or law enforcement agency.


Orders placed at the Online Store are processed by Vault Information Services. If you provide us with a credit card to process your order that information will not be distributed beyond VIS; that is to say, the vendor of the product you are purchasing will not receive your credit card number.

The vendor of the product you are purchasing, however, will be provided with all information necessary in order to ship you the product--including full name, address, city, state, postal code, country, email address, and phone number. It is necessary for us to provide the vendor with this information so that they may ship you the product you ordered. Online Store ordering information will not be shared with any third party other than the vendor responsible for shipping your product. will only provide ordering information to a legitimate government agency when so ordered.

8052.COM AND FRAUD/ABUSE ISSUES will use all information at its disposal when our website or company is the target of abuse or fraud.

Abuse of our website will be reported directly to the ISP from where the abuse originated. We will provide the ISP with appropriate webserver log information that shows source IP address, date/time, page requested, etc.

Fraud (generally related to the Online Store) will also be reported to the ISP from which the fraud originated and may also be reported to appropriate government or law enforcement agencies both in the United States and in the country from which the fraud originated. If appropriate we also may report the fraud to the vendors that participate in our Online Store so that the source of the fraud does not attempt to perpetrate the same fraud against the vendors directly.

SUMMARY OF 8052.COM PRIVACY POLICY respects the privacy of its visitors and makes no effort to collect personal information, nor to relay it to third parties. Personal information is only made available to third parties (the entire world) when a visitor chooses to post a public message to the message board. will do everything it can to protect the privacy of its visitors and will only surrender log information to a legitimate government agency upon request.