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James Hinnant
02/15/18 15:41
  02/15/18 15:41

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Silicon Valley

#190843 - Hi Razman, here are some links
Responding to: Razman Ramedan's previous message
Hi Razman

Here are some links that might help, including one for source code. If you can't use some of the links with your browser, you might try both Firefox and Chrome.

Please note the FAQs page (link on left sidebar) may be broken, but you can search up at least some of the FAQs on google with "FAQ site:" (gets about 293 hits).

The Freescale article is for a 68HC908 uC, so it won't be the same language, to put it mildly. But you may find something useful in there.

Tutorial page on (from link on left sidebar):
(includes the following links)
Introduction to 16-bit math with 8051
* 16-bit addition
* 16-bit subtraction
* 16-bit multiplication
* 16-bit division - by Jorg Rockstroh

Make a PI controller on an 8-bit micro (2006):

(Source code for the above article, about 475 lines in one file, click Download button to get .zip file):

Self-tuning Digital PID Controller Implemented on 8-bit Freescale Microcontroller (2010):

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