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Product & Vendor Information Single Board Computer

Backorder: The fully-built SBC is backordered. We currently have no estimate as to when it will be available.

The SBC is a single-board computer designed to be both useful and instructive in illustrating certain concepts commonly encountered in 8052-based development. The SBC was designed specifically to form the basis of thorough technical discussions and tutorials consistent with those found on this website. Nothing was included in this SBC that does not serve a specific educational purpose and implementations that would confuse or unnecessarily complicate the design were intentionally omitted in favor of easy-to-understand approaches so that the important topics could be covered without being lost in the details.

It is anticipated that in the near future additional projects, tutorials, and software will be made available at which will be built specifically to operate with this SBC.

The board was developed with the Atmel AT89S8253 and Dallas DS89C420 in mind but can be used with any 40-pin 8052 pin-compatible derivative including traditional true-blue 8052s, 8032s, etc; Its feature-set is such that the user may use the SBC simply to learn and master the 8052 microcontroller but may also subsequently use it as a base for his or her own projects and designs.

Please see the SBC Page here at for full information on this SBC including schematics, technical features, memory map, and software designed and tested to operate on this SBC.

SBC Features

  • SBCMON Monitor Program. Microcontroller comes pre-installed with SBCMON monitor program which was specially developed to demonstrate the features of the SBC and facilitate development.
  • In-System Programming. Atmel AT89S8252/AT89S8253 and Dallas DS89C420 can be programmed in-system without having to remove the microcontroller and without need for a part programmer or special cables.
  • Serial Port/UART. Includes a single standard RS-232 compatible DB9 port that can be used to interface and communicate with external devices such as a standard PC. This is also useful in explaining the concept of serial communications.
  • 16x2 LCD. Includes a 16 column by 2 row LCD that can be connected to the circuit either by direct connection (the lines being driven directly by port pins of the microcontroller on P1 and P3) or as a memory-mapped device (accessed with the MOVX instruction). This is useful in explaining communication with external devices by controlling individual I/O lines. It also is useful in explaining the concept of memory-mapped devices.
  • 4x4 Keypad. A 4x4 matrix keypad which allows the user to input the numbers 0 through 9 plus provides 6 special function keys. This is useful in explaining the concept of key debounce.
  • Real Time Clock. The SBC includes a DS1307 Real-Time Clock. In addition to providing time-keeping capabilities this part is instrumental in demonstrating inter-chip communication using the I2C protocol.
  • Serial EEPROM. The SBC includes an Atmel AT25010A serial EEPROM which provides 128 bytes of non-volatile memory. More importantly it provides an opportunity to demonstrate inter-chip communication using the SPI protocol.
  • EPROM. The SBC may be configured to run code out of an EPROM inserted into the circuit. This is useful if the microcontroller being used does not have any on-chip code memory such as traditional 8032s, 8052s, etc. Those using a microcontroller with on-chip code memory may choose to omit the EPROM.
  • Code RAM. The SBC includes 32k of code RAM. This is RAM that has been wired such that the SBC will access it as RAM as well as code memory. This allows the user to download code into the RAM and execute it from RAM without having to burn a new EPROM or reprogram the microcontroller.
  • Access to all I/O lines. All data, address, and relevant signal lines are exposed on connector blocks such that the SBC may easily be expanded to circuits on external PCBs.
  • Addressable LED. P1.0 may be optionally connected to a LED for testing simple programs that cause the LED to flash.
  • Dual reset circuits. The SBC includes both a traditional resistor-capacitor (RC) network to provide the reset signal and also includes a more reliable MN13811 reset supervisor. Which solution is used to provide the reset signal is selectable with a jumper.

SBC Options

The SBC is offered in three different versions.

  • Bare PCB. The bare PCB is nothing but the printed circuit board. The customer must subsequently obtain all necessary parts and solder them onto the board.
  • SBC Kit. This includes the bare PCB and all necessary ICs, capacitors, etc. necessary to build the SBC. The customer must solder the parts onto the PCB. Also includes keypad, LCD, and 120 VAC power supply.
  • Fully built and tested SBC. This is a fully tested and functional SBC that is ready to be used by the customer. It need only be plugged in and it's ready to use. Includes keypad, LCD, and 120 VAC power supply.

Notes about the SBC

  • Both the kit and the fully-built SBC will be shipped with a socketed Atmel AT89S8253. The customer may replace this microcontroller with any 40-pin DIP 8052-compatible microcontroller.
  • Since the Atmel part that ships with the SBC has 16k of on-chip flash code memory, the kit and the fully-built SBC do not ship with an EPROM IC. A socket is, however, included in case the customer needs to use an EPROM in the future.
  • PCB is 2-layer, silk-screen, green solder-masked and is rated to a maximum operating temperature of 125C (individual parts may not be rated to operate at this temperature).
  • Dimensions of PCB are 6' x 3.5' (15.3cm x 8.9cm).
  • Shipping weight of PCB alone is 1.5 oz, ships in envelope.
  • Shipping weight of kit or fully-built SBC is 1.5 pounds, ships in small box.

Notes about shipping

  • Shipping prices have been calculated for the U.S., North America, South America, and Europe. All other locations have been quoted as 'rest of world' and shipping will be calculated as very expensive. If you are uncomfortable with the amount being charged for shipping or you believe you live in an area that doesn\'t have a specific shipping quote, please contact us and let us know your country and we will update the ordering system with precise shipping charges for your location.
  • Orders for U.S. customers will be shipped from the United States. Orders for non-U.S. customers will be shipped from Mexico or the United States.
  • For international orders, the value declared for customs will be the price paid for the product. We cannot declare lower values.

Product Options and Pricing

SBC8052-Built SBC fully built and tested $ 299.00
SBC8052-KIT SBC Kit: PCB, ICs, and parts $ 199.00
SBC8052-PCB Bare PCB for SBC $ 25.00
    (Quantity Discounts starting at 5 units)
Distributor Information

Vault Information Services

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    Littleton, CO 80122
    Phone: +1 (303) 439-0909
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Vendor Information

Vault Information Services

    8174 S. Holly
    PMB 272
    Littleton Colorado 80122
    Phone: +1 (303) 439-0909
    Fax: +1 (303) 284-7080
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