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Download SBCMON Monitor Program

You may download both the source code or the ready-to-use Intel-Hex version of the monitor program. If you already have an SBC you may download the HEX program directly into your SBC via ISP. Use the source ASM program if you'd like to see the code that makes SBCMON work.


Full instructions for SBCMON are available here.

What is a Monitor Program?

A "monitor program" is a program which is loaded into a system--in this case the SBC--and which provides a certain number of features and control over the system. It provides a base with which the SBC can be tested and controlled without writing an entire program from scratch and, once the hardware is known to be working, can facilitate subsequent software development.

For example, when first developing code for a piece of hardware which has not been tested it is sometimes difficult to know for certain whether something isn't working because the software is broken or because something in the hardware is broken. If your program writes to the LCD and nothing appears on the LCD is it because your code is wrong or because one of the pins of the LCD was poorly soldered?

A monitor program solves that problem by providing a piece of software that is known to work which may be loaded onto the SBC. If the SBC's features can be successfully operated by the monitor program the user may proceed with the knowledge that the hardware is sound. Additionally, the monitor program may provide additional features which make software development easier and faster.

Features of the SBC Monitor Program

The SBC Monitor Program includes the following features:

  1. Test XRAM. Perform a test of XRAM to verify correct functionality.
  2. LCD Access. Read/write from the LCD either as memory-mapped device or by direct connection.
  3. DS1307 RTC Access. Set and read the DS1307 Real Time Clock via I2C.
  4. AT25010A Access. Write to and read from the AT25010A serial EEPROM via SPI.
  5. Load Hex Files. Load Intel-standard HEX files into the Program RAM area from 2000h-3FFFh.
  6. Execute Code. Execute code from anywhere in memory.
  7. Display XRAM. Display the contents of any range of XRAM in hex format.
  8. Modify XRAM. Modify the contents of any address of external RAM.
  9. Mini-Assembler. Provides a functional mini-assembler that can take standard 8052 assembly language instructions and assemble them into machine code within Program RAM for subsequent execution.