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In-System Programming and the SBC
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Programming the SBC with ISP

The SBC was designed to permit in-system programming (ISP) with the Atmel AT89S8252, AT89S8253, and the Dallas DS89C420 microcontrollers. This means that if the SBC is used with one of these microcontrollers, the on-chip code memory of the microcontroller may be programmed, read, and erased without anything more than a serial or parallel cable and appropriate software.

In-System Programming and Atmel Microcontrollers

If your SBC has an Atmel AT89S8252 or an Atmel AT89S8253 then you may use the VisISP-52 software to perform in-system programming with the SBC. This Windows software was developed specifically to download firmware to the SBC. VisISP-52 requires a standard 25-pin parallel cable to connect the PC to the SBC.

In-System Programming and Dallas DS89C420

If your SBC has a Dallas DS89C420 then you may use the Microcontroller Tool Kit (MTK) application from Maxim-Dallas Semiconductor to perform the in-system programming. A full explanation of how to do this is explained in this application note. MTK requires a standard serial cable to connect the PC to the SBC.