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Kerim Fahme
02/07/16 10:42
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#190618 - This explains the rather quiet...
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
... site here.

And thank you, Erik, for the link.

Unfortunately, since I have to access the websites from Aleppo city in Syria (where I was born more than 6 decades ago), I am not allowed to register in any forum which is supervised by an international company or corporation (as Microchip, Texas Instruments and Silicon Labs, for a few) since they have to be submitted to the "International Society" regulations.

By the way, I wonder what you usually hear about my city from where you live, mainly lately.

Fortunately, there are still small private forums by which I can meet friends from different regions in the world. We usually share the reality of where each of us lives (the reality on the ground and far from all great speeches and the audio/visual stories broadcasted by the international news agencies).

Best wishes,


I am sorry for talking here as a human being though I know that, in most forums, men should act as if they were pre-programmed robots with no feelings :(

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