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Kerim Fahme
02/06/16 22:57
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#190616 - Re: if there were such a list
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Thank you, Erik, for replying.

Being back here after a very long break (many years), I couldn't get, for sure, what you liked telling me.

If I understood you well, there will be likely no need to join the main forum after creating a homepage here.

But if I have a project (a software utility, for example), how could it be uploaded without creating one?

Perhaps the user's homepage will be created automatically right after sending the first file.
But, if this is the case, may we say that no file was uploaded yet since there is there not even one entry on the homepage list (if there is a menu for it, in the first place)?

Anyway, I am sorry in advance if my questions sound silly.

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