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David Kitson
07/07/17 19:57
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#190789 - Sometimes, better to understand why something isn't working.
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
I considered just buying an official programmer - but two things stopped me -

1) I didn't know how much it cost and had trouble finding one that I was certain would work.
2) I didn't want to wait 4 weeks for it to arrive ( or pay express for 2 week delivery ). And I figured I'd probably have it working within a couple of days if I persisted, which was correct.

But, out of interest, it looks like the internal clock can be changed anywhere from about 4MHz to 16MHz. Does the official programmer come with details on changing it?

I think I've worked most of it out, but I need to bench-test one now to see what it actually does when I make changes.

I was able to figure out the default bit settings for 8 MHz, and I know it's not documented how to change it, but ATMEL clocks can be changed, as long as the internal chip can handle the new frequency, and the 89LP214 seems to have the same 8 bit clock frequency adjustment that the other ATMEL chips all have.

So I was thinking of changing it to 11 MHz to better support 115200 baud, and other rate settings.


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