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Jim Granville
07/10/17 01:31
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#190793 - MCU choices
Responding to: David Kitson's previous message
David Kitson said:

So I created a simple single-byte markup language that is human readable, and used the '8252 to just translate - It takes serial input, buffers it ( up to 128 bytes, but can do more ) then can transfer it to the SPI, reads the SPI output, and returns this to the buffer, which can be dumped out in hex by a single byte command.

It's a good idea to keep the remote side simple, but keep in mind some ISP solutions requires a Clock for the MCU as well.

David Kitson said:

So if anyone is having programmer troubles and needs a good simple SPI programmer, happy to help - Though you'll have to be able to program at least some SPI capable chip like an 89S8252 to begin with.

That has something of a Catch-22 about it.
You are probably better using an AT89LP51RB2, as host, which has an inbuilt Serial boot loader, so someone can program it initially via UART.

David Kitson said:

Otherwise, if anyone likes this idea and wants to assist with further development ( eg, Windows user-friendly interface, or programmer front-ends ) or even ideas or wishes they'd like to see included, please reply here.

Did you look at TSim51 ?

That has ISP for AT89LP series, already done :)

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