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Jim Granville
04/07/16 18:21
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#190657 - Silicon is the Gold Standard
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
I know (of) a couple of people that, regardless of the chip to be used in production, develop using a SILabs chip getting live debugging, thus avoiding all the mistakes caused by simulation.

You mean they do this across brand ?

Certainly, I'd always say Silicon is the Gold Standard, but I'm not sure I'd use SiLabs silicon, to proof an Atmel or STC design.

Simulation would usually always be used in conjunction with a real silicon systems, but I'm not sure what you imagine as "mistakes caused by simulation" ?

Simulation does not, by itself, cause any mistakes, and it can give information Silabs IDEs for example, simply cannot, like (elapsed) cycle times.

The Clock Generation Schematic also gives a System Config view, missing from most IDEs.

For Atmel MCUs and SiLabs parts at 25MHz, TSim51 should be Cycle-Accurate.

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