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07/27/05 19:39
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#98301 - General moderation announcement
This is to announce that I've modified the forum software so that I can move individual posts (not just entire threads) between threads and forums. This is still in beta-test but it seems to be working for the most part.

The purpose of this will be so that if we're having a good technical discussion and it goes off-topic (as it recently did in the "Looking for 80C251 board" thread), I can move the off-topic messages to a different thread and, usually, to the chat forum. This will let both conversations unfold without contaminating the original thread with off-topic discussion.

My intent is not to move every single message that isn't completely on-topic in a thread nor to keep a given thread from "evolving" as they often do. But if it seems clear that a second parallel discussion is unfolding in a thread I will now be able to split the thread into separate threads; this is especially true if the secondary discussion isn't specifically 8052-related.

Craig Steiner Webmaster

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