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07/27/05 06:21
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#98237 - as this is slightly off topic
I'll stick it here.

Some explianation for my post earlier this week you may have seen about mad people in cambridge.

Ive just got back from negotiating a deal with a company in cambridge to supply some xilinx fpga based boards over the next year.I am not going to name them because that wouls put the staff at risk.

This is a major problem for a certain ian harvey of who is basicaly going to spend the rest of his life installing email blackholes,disconnecting phones trying to prevent his wife finding out that one of his colleges John hartley opologiesed for some lies which Ian and his wife told ncipher employees and trying to prevent her from finding out that it should have been over three years ago.

So basicaly I have been struggling to complete this deal in spite of the efforts of someone who elsewhere in the world would have been commited to a secure mental hospital.

If you are thinking of moving to Cambridge England --dont is all I can say it is full of deeply disturbed psycotic nutters and its best just to keep them all at arms length.

Anyone who feels like it and can get past his email black holes can email him at and or tell then that if he doesnt like the fact that the company pet John hartley doesn't wish to be associated with his lies,he apologised three years ago or that i am supplying boards to a cambridge company or that they have been told to phone the police if ian harvey tries to tamper with their phone system then maybe he should seek professional help.

Sorry if the content is too nasty but there you go these people are seriously mad and quite capable of seriously injuring people to prop up their fantasies.

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