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07/23/05 01:51
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#97852 - Relocation - please advise
Hi All,

Pardon me because this is off-topic, but it is important. I have been asked to move with my company to San Diego California, and I need some reference point to compare what they are offering. Can anyone tell me:

- What ballpark base salary (before benefits and 401(k)) should a
Computer/Electronics engineer with about 7 years experience and detailed product knowledge for a product support / technical sales role expect.
- What ballpark (if different from above) would a Senior Application Engineer (for embedded/FPGA dev tools) expect?

I have experience in FPGA/Embedded and PCB design at a systems level, with good coding ability in C and VHDL. I am fairly experienced with Embedded design using MCS51, Z80 and PIC variants.

Thanks for any advice you may give - I appreciate it!

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