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02/28/20 14:51
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#190973 - What chips and documents
Hi to everyone:

I would like to know what chips are used in the new hopping garage door openers. I had craftsmen garage door opener till the gear and sprocket broke landed on my back car window. Glad I was not in garage when it happened. Anyway I ordered red learn remote which worked great till broke. Repair guy said don't make replacement sprocket so put new liftmaster in $485 that hurt. So now I ordered yellow remote because of hopping code. When I opened the old red remote their was small chip in it but no serial or date on it. Is their any documents on these chips. These remotes are great the size of pack of matches. One of the old remotes I had used was liftmaster universal with chip from microchip 127A0145C and their no documents on this one either. When I receive the yellow remote I will open it compare the chips from old red remote and yellow remote because yellow uses hopping code. Has anyone on this site ever looked these type of remotes? Found documents on chips used in remotes or build their own remotes? Thanks for any help.

Best regards,


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