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Bert Van Den Berg
04/24/19 19:29
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Whangarei, Northlands
New Zealand

#190941 - Resonance (non) support for their C compiler
I purchased the Raisonance 8051 C compiler and it came with a USB "security" dongle that prevents it compiling programs larger than 4K without the dongle.

It's a pain having to have a dongle plugged into a USB port but I was aware of that when I purchased the compiler (which was far from inexpensive).

My complaint is that the dongle doesn't work under Windows 10 and Raisonance has refused to respond to my email asking for help.

The dongle is for their protection, not mine, so I believe they have a responsibility to support new versions of Windows with their security device. I purchased a license to use their software on one PC - so let me.

btw it's nice seeing old familiar names still using the 8051 site.


CruzPro Ltd.
New Zealand

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Resonance (non) support for their C compiler      Bert Van Den Berg      04/24/19 19:29      
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