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Andy Neil
05/21/15 15:42
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#190492 - So this is where the homework questions have gone

Project Description:

I need C code for sending the message from GSM module using 8051 microcontroller. I have to send the message with help of embedded c programming ,it basically works on AT command.


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So this is where the homework questions have gone        Andy Neil      05/21/15 15:42      
   good idea      Mahmood Elnasser      05/22/15 02:32      
      "rich" is a relative word      Erik Malund      05/22/15 07:30      
         You get what you pay for      Mahmood Elnasser      05/22/15 14:29      
            price      Erik Malund      05/23/15 09:00      
            I've seen that too!      Richard Erlacher      06/14/15 14:15      

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