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Charles Townsend
04/01/16 13:29
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#190643 - thanks, it works
Responding to: Jim Granville's previous message
Thank you Jim, I stumbled on the 89C2051 code very late last night. It works with the board I constructed, so there must be a problem with the ISP Studio software.

Erik, I wish I could buy a $25 board from Atmel, but they are not available.

Just to enable the IAP fuses on the AT89LP6440, I had to dig out the old windows 98 computer with a parallel port, install the ATISP software, update it and then it worked.

Funny thing, I was just ready for a trip to the electronics recycling center with this old computer any day now.

I can't believe it was this difficult to locate a programmer for these devices. With avr it's easy.

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   Hmmm      Jim Granville      03/31/16 23:39      
      thanks, it works      CHARLES TOWNSEND      04/01/16 13:29      
   this has been ages and ....      Erik Malund      04/01/16 06:57      

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