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07/15/15 14:46
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#190536 - from Juergen Christoph
Responding to: ???'s previous message
In reply to my above post, I have received this mail from a long-term member, Juergen Christoph:

Hello Jan

Just read your
published on

I’ve forgotten my account login on and couldn’t create a new account neither. So I answer here:

Well done. Thank you.

In our business, 8051 is no longer of interest. You’ll find them still once in a while as slave controller in larger CPUs, doing some special things.

In my private projects, 8051 is dead. Only the old 8051 hardware built decades ago, still exist, and might be maintained with updated firmware code if needed. They will not be replaced, as long as they work well, have not the time and momey to replace working stuff.

New projects are done with cortex-M0/M3 for example.

To me the 8051 is like the 'old radio tubes'. Looks nice if you see them, but you won't build a new radio with them, will you?

Greetings to the 8051 community.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards
Jürgen Christoph

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