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07/26/05 19:26
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#98204 - Off Topic - GOB
Responding to: ???'s previous message

Maybe we're being to severe, or perhaps a bit "strict" regarding Charles' response about using a DS'420 as an alternative to the '251 as "off topic" considering the intent of the post was also to implement a faster than standard '51. (What else would a DS'420 partisan, such as myself say?).

I think the ref to "Good Old Boys" is an imperfect description of the fact that there are folks who post often. Some of these folks who post have strict, often predictable responses (play this game - imagine Erik's response - then open it a read it - i bet many score high at this game).

Now i could have used others besides Erik (maybe ... even myself) as examples but if you wear your standard issue 8052 flak jacket, i do find the content quality pretty high. The fact folks have severe, maybe even "strident" opinions regarding technologies and techniques seems to be the result of the "school of hard knocks" and has a very respectable "experiential" value that can allow those early on their careers or little experience with subject at hand to vicariously acquire a great deal of insight.


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