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07/26/05 19:04
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#98200 - PCBs and Expertise
Dear members, many of you know the intricacies behind a good PCB design. I wish to have a summary of them.

I love PCB design just as how I love MCS51. Could you please give links to the nice articles, tips which you have read regarding PCBs here? (I have seen many in the main forum, time to time, I would also compile them here). I wish to have this thread as a useful one for all amateurs who start PCB designing.

Being bit technical, the star grounding, power supply ripple rejection, crosstalks, analog and digital grounds, and all these technical paramenters are direcly related to PCB design in the final product. I would like to have your views, experiences, advices regarding PCBs.

Thanks and Regards,

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