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07/25/05 04:10
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#97935 - Changes to karma and forum rules
Due to recent discussions, I've made a change to the karma system: Messages can still be scored, but those scores only apply to the message being scored, not the user. As such, no-one has a karma score anymore.

You are still encouraged to score messages but that scoring will have no impact on the user--only the message will be flagged positively or negatively.

I have also updated the forum rules. This has added a clause that specifies that contributions to the forum are contributions to the community (to clear up that legal question that arose a couple weeks ago). Additionally, the situations in which messages and threads may be closed or deleted are more specifically spelled out. Hopefully, then, we can have discussions about whether the guidelines for closing/deleting threads/messages are appropriate rather than worrying about any individual case of deletion or closure.

Feedback is welcome.

Craig Steiner Webmaster

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