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05/13/18 12:53
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#190898 - TSH512...
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Hi Ralph,

looks like your "SHP22ir" works with frequency modulation using the two carrier frequencies 2.3MHz and 2.8MHz for the two stereo channels. I don't know what chip is used in your product, but I know from a product which uses the TSH512 from STMicroelectronics. I think it could be helpful to have a look into its very detailed datasheet:


From your description of what's happening, I think there could be two transmitter chips, one for the left channel and one for the right channel, each of them driving 3 IR-LEDs. It sounds like the IR-LEDs or the wires to them aren't soldered properly. I would carefully remove the solder from the questionable connections with solder wick and solder them again. Sometimes it can help to carefully remove oxidations from the solder pads and connection leads with a sharp knife before soldering. Be careful and don't overheat the IR-LEDs.


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