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Old thread has been locked -- no new posts accepted in this thread
James Hinnant
03/10/18 15:59
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Silicon Valley

#190869 - Pinged Craig just now
Responding to: Sheldon Wood's previous message
Just sent Craig a message about your post, cold (cold as in 'unsolicited', as in 'cold call', not as in 'mean' :) ).

If he doesn't respond here or reply to me within a couple of weeks, I'll go ahead and update that status here, if I remember. Hopefully before the thread locks.

Re the site status, scrolling down the forums, Craig's last post on Forum or Chat appears to be this one, from July, 2012: Server Back Online
Craig Steiner 07/01/12 18:58

It describes recovery efforts for a server breakdown, and that some items were apparently unrecoverable.

If you look at some recent posts, some items that you can't get to by clicking around the site can still be found by other means, with Google (for the FAQs), or with the Wayback Machine at (for code library, use pages, etc.):

Account creation still works. I couldn't get my old account back or remember the password, so I made a new one.

There are not too many new or updated threads on the site. Threads are locked after so many weeks, automatically. Also may have something to do with recent trends in the industrial world, in usage of 8051 vs other processors (ARM, TI, STM, etc.).


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