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Jim Granville
03/01/18 20:54
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#190864 - DIP does still exist
Responding to: Ricardo Orellana Paz's previous message
DIP does still exist, but is fading. SiLabs are a good choice, if you can switch packages.

Digikey lists 62 Active 8051 DIP40 parts, out of a total of ~ 1700 active 8051 variants.

Largest 'modern' DIP40 part there, with wide Vcc, is AT89LP51ED2, 64KF, 2kR, 4KEE

There is the new STC8F series, which has 8K Ram, and 64KF, 4 UARTS, and a very fast core, but that is unclear about DIP40.
The DIP40 info they do post, shows non-std pinout.

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