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Michael Karas
04/10/16 11:03
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Beaverton Or

#190666 - What, Me Worry?
Responding to: Mahmood Elnasser's previous message
Similar to the noted question asked time and again by Alfred E. Neuman, I am not at all worried about Siri or similar entities taking over. These tools are straight forward query agents capable of fetching information from the WWW information pool. I think it will be a long time before we start to see tools like Siri being able enter the realm of creativity where results of individual search queries can be auto merged into possible solution paths.

One day maybe, but not now.

For now the realistic questions that may fetch answers...

Siri, What does PWM mean?

Siri, Can you find me a PWM code example?

Siri, Can you find schematic for a power amplifier?

... what you can do with Google so can Siri do for you.

Michael Karas

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