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Alan Dorman
03/30/16 00:50
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Las Vegas

#190635 - not the solution I was looking for
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Hmmm, well I am a little more old school.

I only use Atmel 8 bit MCU's in my designs.

I still flow chart my software before I write it in assembly.

I use 8051 IDE to write my code but I emailed them and asked them the Windows 10 question but it bounced back saying there was no such address.

Something similar to 8051 IDE that can work with Windows 10 would be fine for me.

Any suggestions?

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8051/52 assembler can be used with Win 10      Alan Dorman      03/29/16 01:13      
   yes      Erik Malund      03/29/16 06:41      
      not the solution I was looking for      Alan Dorman      03/30/16 00:50      
         8051 IDE       Erik Malund      03/30/16 06:36      
            acebus      Alan Dorman      03/30/16 21:38      
               I used to use one of his products ...       Richard Erlacher      03/30/16 23:54      
         TSim51 should work ?      Jim Granville      03/31/16 23:27      
            thanks      Alan Dorman      04/25/16 20:13      
         Bloodshed Dev-C++ with make and SDCC      Oliver Sedlacek      06/22/16 10:14      

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