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Erik Malund
05/21/15 16:49
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Mt Airy, Nc

#190493 - I do NOT want a microsoft account
and any webpage with an e-mail 'click' drives me insane since it seems the only way to get such an e-mail is via a Micro$oft account.

anyone found a way around?

I do NOT want a Microsoft account, I am quite happy where I am

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I do NOT want a microsoft account      Erik Malund      05/21/15 16:49      
   email click      Mahmood Elnasser      05/22/15 02:36      
      I got through part one ...      Erik Malund      05/22/15 07:27      
         register email program in browser        Maarten Brock      05/22/15 13:46      
   What browser do you use?      Andy Neil      05/27/15 08:56      
      since everybody I work for ....      Erik Malund      05/28/15 08:38      

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