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09/26/19 20:07
  09/26/19 20:26

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#190962 - Try another path
Responding to: ???'s previous message
I think Atmel SPI programmers can do AT89LP parts ?
eg google finds this
avrdude -C avrdude-at89lp.conf -P /dev/ttyACM0 -b 19200 -c stk500v1 -p lp51 -U flash:w:knight-rider.ihx
you can see here, how they map onto AT89LP parts

For fun, if you do not already have avrdude compatible serial bridges, you could buy a spiffy new Microchip SNAP, and see how that works :) (50% off until 30 sept)

And you could also try this : Has a simple UART-SPI bridge, for AT89LPxx programming (no 12V support) - Windows only, includes a Simulator/Assembler.

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