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Jérôme Desfontaine
04/16/19 05:09
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#190936 - Not quite dead but broken links survived too
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Hi everybody, I'm glad to be able to post something there, at last!

It's been more than five years I'm trying to reach those boards, and eventually succeeded!
On the previous site, I never was able to receive the confirmation e-mail, now, I wonder why, but it worked, em, kindof.
The confirmation e-Mail redirects to a link without the added "mcu", I added it by hand, and voilà!
There again, I wasn't able to connect for the first time, I had a message saying the account wasn't validated, so I had to ask for another confirmation e-mail.

Maybe the site dying is just due to problems with the registering mechanism, that may have prevented many people to register over the years, so no users renewal possible.

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