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03/20/18 19:15
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#190877 - Second! and, mass notification of new site
Second! (second thread on new site) :D

Maybe a mass emailing to everyone on the user account list would help, to update them with the new site link.

As it stands, is now redirecting to a Chinese-language casino site, and Google searches for point to:

* Pages on that casino site, that return 404 errors if the pages are not itself.

* Pages with old content or mentions of, but that are hosted on / pages (for example, copies of Craig's 8052 Tutorial pages that are floating around the web).

* Nothing about

Search doesn't see any mention of "mcu" on the new page (the casino site), so it doesn't appear they're providing forwarding information.

I wouldn't have found the site myself, except that I was in separate communication with Craig, and he notified me of the new site URL via that channel.


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