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Old thread has been locked -- no new posts accepted in this thread
Andy Neil
02/20/18 02:37
  02/20/18 02:39

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#190857 - A bit late
Responding to: James Hinnant's previous message
Note that the opening post is the best part of 3 months old, and the OP has never engaged further in the discussion.

Same a his/her other post:

List of 8 messages in thread
C language tutorial for 8051/8052      Razman Ramedan      11/29/17 06:56      
   what do you need?      Erik Malund      11/30/17 06:26      
   What do you need?      Andy Neil      12/05/17 01:43      
   Small Device C Compiler 'sdcc' (free)      James Hinnant      02/16/18 14:51      
      ucSim, free 8051 simulator for Unix/DOS      James Hinnant      02/19/18 13:03      
      A bit late      Andy Neil      02/20/18 02:37      
         threads autolocking at approx. 2 months      James Hinnant      02/20/18 16:50      
            threads auto-lock after about 2 months      Andy Neil      02/21/18 03:13      

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