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04/05/16 20:08
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#190651 - Cycle variations
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Erik Malund said:
You are probably better to use a more modern Simulator, like TSim51, that shows Cycles

these thing get more and more irrelevant/imprecise since nowadays virtually every derivative has it's own cycle/instruction table. Also for some cache misses play a role.

Hehe, well yes, this is something of a moving target.

However, Zoltán has added a while back variant-cycle support for SiLabs and others, but the cache parts are a challenge.

I am testing the cache style rules for EFM8LB1, and some code is certainly 'context dependent' - that said, it is predictable given a complex enough rule set, and mostly needs ALIGN to minimize time.

Test vehicle is a VGA display, as that easily shows any errant jitter.
I can get predictive and stable results, with some care, @ 72MHz

The new STC8F changes the timing & coding rules yet again, but hopefully simpler.

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