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02/08/16 21:12
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#190621 - A utility for the free Emulator 8051 V1.0
Those who use (or tried) the free simulator, named "Emulator 8051 V1.0", know one serious weakness in it.

It is based on the listing file generated by the free professional assembler "ASEM-51". But when opened/invoked, it focuses on the "Disassembled Code" only to set the user's breakpoint addresses and to track/monitor the running codes during simulation.

Fortunately, it has also a window for the "Listing Source". But this window is usually empty. And its weakness is that even if the ASEM-15 listing file is loaded on it, it has, practically speaking, no role during simulation.

Lately, I tried the free IDE, "MIDE-51 Studio", which includes the assembler "ASEM-51" and the simulator "Emulator 8051 V1.0".

My 8051/8052 projects are each built from one assembly source only; besides a few include files.

So I wrote a small C program (its exe runs on DOS, compiled by using my very old BorlandC 3.1 package) to adjust the ASEM-51 listing file (*.lst). If the new adjusted file is opened/loaded on the "Listing Source" window (of the simulator), the simulated lines of the original assembly source code could then be seen/tracked with their corresponding codes on the "Disassembled Code" window during simulation. And the breakpoint addresses could be read/set automatically also on the "Listing Source" window.

I wonder if my work could be useful to some members here because it will be my pleasure sharing it with them.

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