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01/09/16 09:35
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#190607 - Info is sparse
Responding to: ???'s previous message
... but the part looks interesting.
The data says it has only 128 Bytes of Internal Data memory (no IDATA?!)
- if true, that seems quite a strange design choice, as it limits the stack.
It has been a long time since anyone released a 128 Byte 8051, even down at 2K of code. (even the very cheap EFM8BB10F2G-A-QFN20 is 256 Bytes)

Memory access is quite convoluted, but it does have DMA.

HUB/Downstream is good, but they stopped short of HOST support ?

A bit pricey for a 16k USB device, so you have to really want some of the finer details / features.

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