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06/22/15 23:47
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#190531 - some vendors have > 8k
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Erik Malund said:

BTW I do not recall any '51, whatever brand, with more RAM

some vendors have > 8k, but they are niche parts.
ASIX have 32K and 64K SRAM versions, and some Dallas models have 64K RAM & 64K ROM.
ASIX have an interesting WiFi Dual-core MCU - 64k+32K SRAM and 1M Flash

IIRC the Cypress USB parts used a RAM-execute mode

The new FTDI FT51 also uses a RAM-execute mode that loads from NV memory

These days, usually anyone who needs more RAM memory would add SPI SRAM

SRAM has a high die cost, so is not something to expect a lot of.

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