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Jim Granville
04/07/15 16:35
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#190460 - 'creativity'
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Andy Neil said:
Note that the full quote is, "the DQ8051 Dhrystone score rates at 29.01x the original at the same frequency"

Yes, there is some 'creativity' involved as I see their IP has many extensions, of Multiple DPTR with Auto-INC and Auto-Switch, and they also mention MDU32 and even floating point - but they omit to show any opcode timings, or show the impact of the quad-pipeline on JUMPS.
Usually the more you pipeline, the worse branches get, and I've yet to see a 8051 core design that is properly clever in handling

which could be coded to be 1 cycle granular, after the 3 byte fetch.

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