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Andy Neil
11/20/08 01:13
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#160143 - How to interface anything to anything else
Responding to: Chaitanya Thummar's previous message
The following procedure is universally applicable:

1. Study the documentation for the "peripheral" device
This will tell you what the device requires for its operation;

2. Study the documentation for the "controller" device
This will tell you what features and facilities the device provides for you to use;

3. Study the documentation for any tools, etc, that you will be using
eg, assemblers, compilers, etc

4. Do it!
Armed with the above information, you know what your "peripheral" device requires, what your "controller" device provides, and how to use your tools - now it's just a question of putting them all together to make your application.

Note: The "documentation" includes the Datasheet(s) and/or Manual(s) plus other supporting information available from the supplier - such as application notes, examples, tutorials, etc...

Obviously, if you are a newcomer to any (or all) of these things, you will need to spend a significant amount of time in becoming sufficiently familiar with them. The best approach is to start with simple examples before jumping-in to your complete application!

Nobody can do this work for you, but you can ask for help when you have specific doubts or questions...

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