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Protect Embedded Software against Hackers
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DK2e will enable customers to cost-effectively protect embedded system code against piracy or unauthorised use. Additionally, it can be used to simultaneously protect control, monitoring and logging software, running on a controlling host PC. In essence DK2e is a proven way to embed a fully featured dongle into an electronic system.

DK2e is designed to run from a 3.3V power supply. All communications are handled by a two-wire serial interface, ideal for quick system integration with any available microcontroller serial port. The standard DK2 is available in Parallel (LPT) Port, USB and PC Card formats, all of which are functionally identical to the DK2e and may be used for evaluation, development and testing direct from a standard PC. The device is supplied with sample code and full software support direct from DES' development team. DK2e is also available in customer configurations with other PCB (Printed Circuit Board) or system connectors and, if required, can be supplied with RS232 level conversion.

Dateline: 09/06/06