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Invector Embedded Technologies introduces a 10/100 MBit Ethernet module with integrated high performance MCU for embedded applications.
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Invector Embedded Technologies today introduces the IP Avenger, a 10/100 MBit ethernet module with an integrated high performance 8051 MCU, intended for embedded applications. With its minimal dimensions of 34.5 x 54 mm this module is an excellent choice for building for instance, small but powerful surveilance systems.

The embedded MCU of the module (Silabs C8051F021/23) has, besides 64 KByte of in application programmable FLASH and 4 KByte SRAM also two UART channels allowing the module to adapt to numerous gateway applications very easily. For instance an RS232 or RS485 gateway application requires a very small amount of external components to get started.

Other peripherals found on the module are 4 channels of high resolution 10/12 bits A/D converter with programmable gain amplifier, up to 7 channels of high speed 8bit A/D converter with programmable gain amplifier, 2 channels 12 bit Voltage DAC, I2C™/SMBus™, SPI and a 5 channel counter array. The powerful MCU is capable of delivering 20MIPS peak performance with the supplied clock options. With the on board JTAG connector, debug and downloading of code is extremly simple.

An evaluation kit is available which contains all the necessery tools for starting your development. The kit contains 1 IP Avenger and a JTAGserial adapter for easy hardware connection. An IDE with debugger comes on the supplied CD which also includes a copy of the latest SDCC binaries as well as a sample application which gives the user a deeper insight into the capabilities of the module.

For closer information contact Pontus Oldberg +46 414 51290 or use our contact form to send an email.

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Dateline: 01/10/05